2024/25 Budget Hearing Schedule

By Jennifer Belz , Committee Administrator | 2 months ago

Tuesday, February 20     **Week 1 Hearings Will Be Held In 140 Main Capitol Building**

10:00 AM          Department of Community & Economic Development


1:30 PM             Department of Revenue


  •  Patrick Browne, Secretary
  • John Kaschak, Executive Deputy Secretary of Revenue
  • Christin Heidingsfelder, Deputy Secretary for Administration
  • Amy Gill, Deputy Secretary for Tax Policy
  • Drew Svitko, Executive Director of Lottery
Wednesday, February 21            

10:00 AM           Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency


  • David R. Padfield, Director
  • Jeff Boyle, Executive Deputy Director
  • Thomas Cook, Fire Commissioner
  • JC Tedorski, Deputy Fire Commissioner

1:15 PM             Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education


  • Dan Greenstein, Chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Thursday, February 22  

10:00 AM          Department of Aging


1:15 PM             Department of Agriculture


Friday, February 23        

10:00 AM          Department of Corrections and the Board of Probation & Parole


1:30 PM             Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

Monday, February 26     **Week 2 Hearings Will Be Held On The House Floor**

10:00 AM          Department of Insurance

1:00 PM             Department of Labor & Industry

  • Nancy A. Walker, Secretary, Department of Labor & Industry
  • Maria Macus, Deputy Secretary, Unemployment Compensation
  • Jerry Mullery, Deputy Secretary, Compensation and Insurance
  • Dan Kuba, Deputy Secretary, Workforce Development
  • Christopher Hallock, Deputy Secretary, Safety Labor Management Relations
  • Denise Verchimak, OVR, Director, Central Operations
  • Scott Weiant, Deputy Secretary for Administration
Tuesday, February 27    

10:00 AM           Department of State

  • Al Schmidt, Secretary
  • Arion Claggett, Acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional & Occupational Affairs
  • Kalonji Johnson, Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs
  • Jonathan Marks, Deputy Secretary for Elections and Commissions
  • Kim Mattis, Director Bureau of Finance Operations

1:45 PM              Department of Health and Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs

Wednesday, February 28            

10:00 AM           Community Colleges

1:00 PM              Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Thursday, February 29  

10:00 AM           Judiciary

1:30 PM             State-Related Universities

Monday, March 4     **Week 3 Hearings Will Be Held On The House Floor**

10:00 AM           Department of Transportation

  • Michael B. Carroll, Secretary
  • Charles W. Zimmerman, Bureau Director, DOT Administration
  • Larry S. Shifflet, Executive Deputy Secretary  
  • Kristin Mulkerin, Deputy Secretary, Planning
  • Kara Templeton, Deputy Secretary, Driver and Vehicle Services
  • Meredith Biggica, Deputy Secretary, Multimodal Transportation
  • Michael W. Rebert, Deputy Secretary, Highway Administration
  • Nicole Tyler, Director of Equitable Transportation
  • Corey Pellington, Deputy Secretary for Administration

1:00 PM             State Police

  • Colonel Christopher L. Paris, Commissioner
  • Lieutenant Colonel George L. Bivens, Deputy Commissioner of Operations
  • Lieutenant Colonel Wayne C. Kline, Deputy Commissioner of Administration and Professional Responsibility
  • Lieutenant Colonel Joanne R. Reed, Deputy Commissioner of Staff
  • Brooke L. Mead, Special Assistant to the Commissioner

Tuesday, March 5           

10:00 AM and 1:00 PM           Department of Education

  • Dr. Khalid N. Mumin, Secretary
  • Dr. Kate Shaw, Deputy Secretary and Commissioner for Postsecondary & Higher Education
  • Dr. Carrie Rowe, Deputy Secretary for Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Ms. Jessica L. Sites, Director, PDE Bureau of Budget & Fiscal Management
Wednesday, March 6     

10:00 AM  and 1:00 PM         Department of Human Services

  • Val Arkoosh, Secretary
  • Gloria Gilligan, Fiscal Management Director, Office of the Budget
  • Stephanie Shell, Deputy Secretary, Office of Administration
  • Laval Miller-Wilson, Deputy Secretary, Office of Children, Youth & Families
  • Juliet Marsala, Deputy Secretary, Office of Long Term Living
  • Jen Smith, Deputy Secretary, Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
  • Hoa Pham, Deputy Secretary, Office of Income Maintenance
  • Kristin Ahrens, Deputy Secretary, Office of Developmental Programs
  • Shante’ Brown, Deputy Secretary, Office of Child Development & Early Learning
  • Sally Kozak, Deputy Secretary, Office of Medical Assistance Programs
Thursday, March 7         

10:00 AM           Governor's Budget Office

  • Uri Monson, Secretary

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