About the Committee

The full House Committee on Appropriations is composed of 22 Democrats and 15 Republicans. Each caucus separately elects a majority and minority chair. Beginning with the 2023/24 legislative session, Rep. Jordan Harris from Philadelphia County is the Democratic chairman of the committee.

The Appropriations Committee meets regularly when the House is in session to consider fiscal-related matters, and it conducts budget hearings each spring to review and evaluate the governor's executive budget proposal. In accordance with House Rules, the committee also evaluates legislative proposals for fiscal implications before deciding if a measure should be sent to the floor for full consideration.

The committee plays a pivotal role in forming recommendations for budget/fiscal related matters and is integrally involved in the annual budget process. A professional staff serves the General Assembly with in-depth analyses of how fiscal policy affects the delivery of government programs and services.

For upcoming meetings, recent committee votes, legislation currently in the committee and committee transcripts, visit the General Assembly's website.

Role of the Committee

  •   Develop an annual General Fund Budget
  •   Prepare and monitor budget- and tax-related legislation
  •   Review the fiscal impact of all legislation; prepare fiscal notes
  •   Examine state budget proposals, line by line
  •   Review and make recommendations on key fiscal issues
  •   Identify alternative sources of revenue
  •   Take a comprehensive look at:
    •   How to make government work harder
    •   How to make government perform better through the use of performance measurement
    •   How to make government perform better through the use of accountability
    •   How to make government perform better through the use of evaluation