2024/25 Executive Budget At-A-Glance

By House Appropriations Committee Staff , | 4 months ago

Budget Priorities
  • Invests in Education at Every Level
  • Advances Pennsylvania’s Economic Development and Competitiveness Through Business, Agriculture, and Workforce Investments
  • Keeps Pennsylvanians Safe
  • Supports Healthy Communities and the Most Vulnerable
  • Expands Critical Services for Pennsylvania’s Veterans and Active Military
Financial Big Picture
  • Gov. Shapiro proposes a $48.3 billion state General Fund budget – a $3.7 billion or 8.4% increase over last year
  • Financial resources:
    • The 2024/25 budget estimates $46.3 billion in net state revenue collections
      • Tax modifications include a new tax on legalized adult use cannabis and skilled games; also proposes to expunge records of those incarcerated for only a possession related offense attributed to cannabis
    • The estimated beginning balance for 2024/25 is $7.1 billion
    • PA’s Rainy Day Fund has a current balance of $6.2 billion
    • Over a five-year outlook, expenditures outpace revenues, necessitating a draw down on reserves beginning with the remaining General Fund balance
Investing in Education at Every Level

Prioritizing in Pennsylvania’s Children

  • A record $1.1 billion or 13.6% increase in basic education funding (general support) for school districts
    • his includes $872 million in adequacy and equity payments to begin to respond to the Commonwealth Court’s ruling declaring Pennsylvania’s system of funding public education to be unconstitutional NEW
    • The other $200 million would be distributed through the fair funding formula so every school district receives an increase
  • $300 million in school facility grants to address asbestos, lead, and mold issues in school buildings
  • $50 million increase in special education funding to help school districts with the rising costs of services for students
  • $262 million annual savings for school districts by implementing a uniform $8,000 per student general education tuition rate for cyber charter schools NEW
  • $11.5 million to create the Building Opportunity through Out of School Time (BOOST) program to support afterschool activities that keep kids safe and learning NEW
  • $100 million continued investment for school mental health supports
  • $50 million continued investment for school safety for physical upgrades
  • $3 million to provide feminine hygiene products in schools NEW
  • Maintains the universal school breakfast program

Investing in Pennsylvania’s Educators

  • $30 million increase in Pre-K Counts to increase the wages for early childhood educators
  • $10 million new appropriation for the Talent Recruitment Account to support Grow-Your-Own educator programs and dual credit opportunities for prospective teachers NEW
  • $5 million increase for the student teacher stipend ($15 million total)
  • $5 million increase for teacher professional development ($10 million total)

Improving Access to Higher Education

  • Combines the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and Community Colleges under a new, united governance structure
    • 15% increase in funding for the new system
  • 5% increase for Penn State, Temple, Lincoln, and Pitt
  • Proposes a performance-based funding formula for institutions of higher education
  • 15% increase to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
  • Recommends a $1,000 increase in PHEAA’s state grants (maximum award would increase to $6,750 from $5,750) beginning in 2025/26 ($279 million annual cost)
Advancing Pennsylvania’s Economic Development and Competitiveness Through Business, Agriculture, and Workforce Investments

 Investing in Business Development  

  • $500 million to expand PA SITES - to fund on-site development for priority industries funded through taxable bond issuance through the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority
  • $20 million to support PA Innovation, which would support entrepreneurs as they scale their products and research NEW
  • $3.5 million to create and launch Pennsylvania Regional Economic Competitive Challenge, which would provide regions with grants to implement local economic development strategies NEW
  • $25 million creates a new Main Street Matters program, which would provide resources to revitalize communities NEW
  • $18 million increase in funding for tourism and business marketing through the Marketing to Attract Tourists and Marketing to Attract Business appropriations
  • $668,000 increase in the Department of General Services’ GGO to promote contracting opportunities for small and diverse businesses
  • $282.8 million for Mass Transit funding through Sales and Use Tax (SUT) transfer increase of 1.75% NEW
  • $9 million increase for the PA First Program, a comprehensive program aimed at job creation and retention, and WEDnet, Pennsylvania’s workforce development program

Investing in Agriculture

  • $10.26 million Agricultural Innovation Development, to promote innovation within the agricultural industry NEW
  • $5.6 million increase to support participation in the Dairy Margin Coverage Protection Program
  • $5 million in the Animal Health and Diagnostic Commission appropriation to support a new laboratory in western PA NEW Purpose

Investing in Workforce Development

  • $2 million increase in the Foundations in Industry appropriation to support internships at Pennsylvania companies
  • $2 million to support a new appropriation that would support employers who transition to skills-based hiring NEW
  • $2.2 million increase investment in Industry Partnerships appropriation to support workforce needs for businesses
  • $2 million for a new appropriation, Career Pathways, which will facilitate a one-stop-shop for career opportunities NEW
  • $96,000 increase in the Child Care Assistance appropriation to support an increase in the Child Care Works subsidy rates-will leverage $62 million in federal funding
  • Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 per hour (to $9 per hour for tipped workers) effective January 1, 2025

Keeping Pennsylvanians Safe
  • $4 million increase to the Improvement of Adult Probation Services, which will promote the use of evidence- based practices that reduce probation costs
  • $5 million reserved within the State Corrections Institutions appropriation to support DOC in reducing the use of solitary confinement in correctional facilities
  • $29.6 million for DOC to continue providing medication assisted treatment incarcerated individuals struggling with Opioid Use Disorder
  • $5 million to DHS to address unmet victim requests for emergency shelter, increase legal representation, and medical advocacy programs
  • $5 million transfer to the crime victims compensation fund, which will help victims and their families overcome the aftermath of a crime
  • $1 million to establish the Office of Gun Violence in Pennsylvania Commission Crime and Delinquency (PCCD)
  • $37.5 million increase to Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) program in PCCD
  • $37.5 million for the Gun Violence Investigation and Prosecution appropriation to continue enhanced law enforcement response to gun violence NEW
  • $11 million to provide resources for blight remediation, construction of parks, and improvement of shared spaces in communities most impacted by gun violence NEW
  • $11.5 million for a statewide Building Opportunity through Out of School Time (BOOST) program NEW
  • $1.5 million increase for Pennsylvania State Police
    • Two units to combat gun violence
  • $1 million Firearm Injury Prevention program (DOH) NEW
  • $5 million increase in Nonprofit Security Grant fund through PCCD
  • $2.5 million increase to support indigent defense through PCCD
  • $15.98 million for four additional cadet classes beginning in 2024/25 to train 432 new state troopers
  • $31 million to vehicle and aircraft replacements and upgrades for the State Police
    • $7 million for maintenance and replacement of PSP vehicles
    • $24 million to replace helicopter and aircraft fleet
  • $30 million increase for Fire and Emergency Medical Services grants through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner (funded through the Property Tax Relief Fund)
Supporting Healthy Communities and the Most Vulnerable

Investing in Families

  • $2.5 million increase to combat and reduce maternal mortality
  • $10 million to support the 988 network, which provides mental health services
  • $5 million to maintain walk-in mental health crisis stabilization centers
  • $5.75 million would be utilized to create five community-based programs to serve people who do not need state hospital support or who are being discharged
  • $44.4 million to create a subsidy for low- to middle- income Pennsylvanians on the cusp of being able to afford health insurance
  • $228,000 for creation of Office of Recovery for individuals undergoing substance use disorder (SUD) treatment
  • $119,000 for problem gambling case management
  • $20 million increase for community based mental health services, $60 million per year by 2025/26
  • $16 million to increase minimum snap benefit from $23 per month to $35
  • $4 million for medical debt relief for low-income Pennsylvanians NEW
  • $36 million to provide home and community-based services available through the Intellectual Disabilities Community Based and Community Waiver programs
  • $217 million to increase resources to providers of home and community-based services in the Intellectual Disabilities Community Base, Community Waiver, and Adult Autism Waiver programs.
    • Leverages $266 million in federal funding to increase resources for providers of home and community-based services
  • $934,000 to add American sign language and English interpreter services to Community Waiver and Adult Autism Waiver programs
  • $2 million continued investment in Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI)
  • $3 million combined increase to boost Senior Food Box and reinforce PA Agricultural Surplus System and the State Food Purchase Program

Investing in Older Pennsylvanians

  • $11.7 million allocated to support a new appropriation, Aging Our Way, which will be used to help administer services for older Pennsylvanians and caregivers
  • $15.2 million increase for the PENNCARE appropriation
    • $5.2 million to find safe and emergency housing or placement for older Pennsylvanians or individuals who are hard to place after release from prison
    • $10 million to increase to the PENNCARE program from the Lottery Fund to help AAAs infrastructure
  • $1.9 million toward creation of Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders divisions at PDA
  • $10 million to Long term care office to support LTC facilities NEW

Investing in Housing

  • $70 million PHARE funding increased guaranteed transfer, increase of $10 million each year until $100 million in 2027/28
  • $50 million for Whole Home Repairs
  • $5 million for tenant representation in eviction proceedings
  • $10 million for Homeless Assistance program
  • $5 million grant funding for cities and counties to address immediate housing needs NEW

Investing in the Environment

  • $10 million to improve permitting for DEP NEW
  • $11 million transfer from General Fund to cap abandoned wells NEW
  • $1.5 million to test for forever chemicals (PFAS) contamination NEW
  • $1.1 million Bureau of air quality monitoring NEW
  • $2.5 million for experts on transmission planning and environmental justice NEW
  • $8.5 million to improve the state park trail system NEW
  • DEP and PennVEST will be deploying $1.7 billion and $821 million for energy and water investments, respectively, from federal funds made available through IIJA and IRA
Supporting Veterans
  • $500,000 to develop a user-friendly web portal for Military Occupational Crosswalk NEW
  • $2 million for new walk-in outreach to aid servicemembers, veterans and their families
  • $424,000 increase in funding for Veterans Services Organization like the American Legion and the VFW to provide Veterans Outreach Services

2024/25 Executive Budget At-A-Glance

By House Appropriations Committee Staff , | 4 months ago

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